Some people may look like they are perfectly okay.

Some of them really are, too.

Just not everyone.

It?s like a mask, mysterious and confusing.

A mask with a big smile on it, happy eyes.

If you see a person wearing a mask from a distance, you may not be able to see what it really is.

And if the mask is persuasive enough, you may not even see it, no matter how close you get.

You can never know who hides what under which mask.

Maybe it?s just a small secret, it may be.

But what if it?s something more?

What if it is a persons deepest struggles?

A mask can hide much.

Now it?s up to you to choose, do you want to take yours of, or not?

-Av meg

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12, Oslo

En deprimert sjel som ikke vet hva hun har leve for lenger



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